Bright Future – Neon Vision – 3g

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30 1ml doses per bottle. Ever wonder what the world would look like through neon vision? Well wonder no longer! This synergistic blend of nootropics, organic mushrooms and adaptogens may actually blow your mind. Gingko, 5-HTP and L-theanine calm your nervous system and alleviate anxiety and depression. Meanwhile maca and ginseng provide all natural crash free energy to have you physically and mentally at top performance. Combine this brain boosting and cognitive enhancing mix with organic mushrooms and put your focus and creativity into overdrive with the convenience of a liquid tincture. Seems too good to be true right? Try Neon Vision for yourself and find out!

INGREDIENTS: 25mg 5-HTP · 20mg ginkgo · 45mg ginseng · 20mg maca · 20mg L-theanine · 100mg psilocybe cubensis

3 reviews for Bright Future – Neon Vision – 3g

  1. Bright

    To be honest, how this order got to me still baffles me, my first try out with you guys and its amazing, continue…..and thanks to you

  2. Emily R.

    As someone new to microdosing, these capsules were a perfect introduction. Subtle yet effective, they’ve become a part of my wellness routine. The customer service team was responsive and helpful

  3. Jolly

    Good job! and thanks for the help from your dispensary, got my order. i recommend this product.

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Bright Future – Neon Vision – 3g
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