One Up Gummies Ape 3.5g

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With One Up Gummies Ape For Sale, go on a mind-bending trip like no other. Each delicious gummy in this trippy pack weights a hefty 3.5g and is packed with the best magic mushrooms to open the door to a magical and introspective realm.

One Up Gummies Ape will open the door to a world of psychedelic bliss. You can additionally test out our One Up Gummies Shroomberry.


3 reviews for One Up Gummies Ape 3.5g

  1. Dove R.

    What I love about One Up Gummies is the variety of flavors available. It adds a fun element to the experience, and each flavor is as delicious as the last.

  2. Huttler

    Thank you BMCBO, you guys delivered, sorry for the stress it was my first time lol

  3. Ashley

    Consistency is key, and One Up Gummies deliver on that front. Every batch I’ve tried has been of the same high quality, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable experience every time.

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One Up Gummies Ape 3.5g
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